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CocoaWell® is Kuna-Inspired

CocoaWell® is Kuna-Inspired

An indigenous people of coastal Panama, they followed a daily, sacred practice of drinking several cups of raw cacao sweetened with plantains.
A major university's 20-year research study of the Kuna found they were able to maintain already normal blood pressure levels and enjoy good cardiovascular health longer.


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Cocoa in a capsule: You can’t taste the benefits, but you’re getting them

That powder you stir into water or milk for a tasty drink—that’s the cocoa you’ve known all your life. You sipped it hot to take the chill off a night of trick-or-treating or caroling and whipped it cold to make the perfect after-school snack.

You’ve always understood that cocoa tastes great, but few of us knew that cocoa could help temporarily enhance energy and support general health.*

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